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Our business model is to franchise the cnCollaborative Network technology to entrepreneurs or businesses that intend to provide cloud services to automate their internal needs or their clients' daily collaboration needs to save cost and increase efficiency. There is no need to reinvent the solutions any more, the applications you or your clients need may already exist in the the cnCollaborative Network.


Right Response LLC conducts training through live quality online sessions. Our objective is to ensure all members are ready to use the system to perform when the system is deployed. Each user's roles and their related responsibilities in the system will be discussed in detail. We will also train the power users in your system "level-one" support, so you will has the capacity to build a help desk to support its users if they need to. Different training packages designed to meet your needs are available which may need multiple training sessions to help retain the systems operational knowledge.


Right Response LLC can provide technical support to assist your cnCollaborative Network system with an optional Premium Support Package. This package can assist our partners and clients that may have limited resources but are still committed to support their staff the best way that they can. The package is designed to minimize your workload of support and system enhancement demands triggered by the continuous changing needs of your enviornment.