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RR provides the following training and services to the CN franchise:

  • 1. CN product marketing and sales training - This training is aimed to help CN franchises market and sell CN effectively
  • 2. CN product deployment training - This training is to help CN franchises to guide their business clients to successfully deploy CN-Applications
  • 3. CN product support level 1 training - This training is to help CN franchises provide level 1 support to their clients
  • 4. CN product support level 2 and level 3 services - RR will provide level 2 and level 3 support to all CN franchises, to reduce the total cost of customer support and the knowledge gap of CN franchises
  • 5. CN product customization, deployment, and training services - This service is to support CN franchises to reduce product deployment costs for their business clients. Business clients can work with RR for CN-Application deployment directly, reducing the technical manpower investment for CN franchises.

Application Development and Customization Services

RR provides CN-Application development services to facilitate any application development required by CN franchises or CN users. Contact us to learn how to use our Innovation Sharing Payback Program to reduce your development cost on new CN applications you would like to create. CN-Applications are always developed as application templates that can be reused and "personalized" based on clients' requests. We will customize any existing CN applications to satisfy your specific needs. CN-Application development service is an essential business unit to continuously support the growth of the CN applications for different purposes and markets.

Collaborative Network Developer Training

Right Response, LLC is targeted to release the current CN application development tools to software developers as free-ware in early 2019. These tools are designed to help people who want to develop their own CN-Applications. RR intends to grow its developer community of CN-Applications through the following services in 2019:
  • CN-Applications development environment training
  • CN-Application development tools training
  • CN-Application deployment training
  • CN-Application user support training
  • CN-Application client consultation training
These training sessions will be aimed to create high quality third-party CN-Application developers and enable them to develop better CN-Applications for CN franchises and end users.