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Applications you can use immediately

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Applications For Businesses

Expense Reporting
Employee Leave Request
Hiring Management
Volunteer Management
Employee Time Card
Employee Onboarding
Employee Action & Requisition
Fleet Management
Notification Management
Employee Evaluation
Online Payment
Client Registration
Client Portal
Company Website Management
Vendor & Bid Management
Filing & Archive Management
Forms Manager
Employee Directory
Active Directory Synchronization Agent

Mobile Applications

Time Card Mobile Application
Expense Report Mobile Application

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Fleet Tracking Mobile Application
Contract Approval Process
Fund/Grant Evaluation Application
Notification Mobile Application
C-Voting Mobile Application
? C-Survey Mobile Application

Individual Product

1.Clique: Designed for you to increase exposure for anything you want recruit or find at a very low cost. Using live location based features, our platform technology and assortment of categories you can find anything or have anything find you.
2. C-Cards: The next level of E-cards is here. Designed with contribution artist and end users in mind, this next generation app send cards to anyone anywhere, anytime, for almost anything your imagination can think of.
3. C-Voting: Built off the principle of "wisdom of the crowd", C-Voting lets users take polls and gather opinions from peers or communities.
4. C-Survey: C-Survey lets users take polls and gather information from a global community on any scale. Customize questions, answers, demographics, and save your feedback.